Online poker USA: more banned than allowed

Online poker USA: background

US poker history dates back to the beginning of the 18th century, that is, the game in the country is older than the country itself. Poker is rightfully considered a national treasure and an integral element of culture. Despite this, online poker in the United States is poorly developed. Americans actually like to play poker online USA. In the first half of 2000, Internet poker in the USA was so popular that it began to bring billions in profit to operators. Everyone played with each other, the rooms launched new promotions, people came in and won (lost) their money in hundreds of thousands.

In 2006, Congress passed a law banning online poker throughout the country. After the law was passed, the rooms, despite huge fines from federal services, continued to provide services to the American people. And this state of affairs at Online poker USA lasted until April 15, 2011, better known, after most of the rooms had to be closed by force.

Current legislation

Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey and Pennsylvania allow legal online poker in the USA. Licenses are issued, taxes are collected true, there is a nuance: each player must play at the place of registration. The transnational battle of Nevada-Jersey will not work. This greatly affects site traffic and game dynamics, because formally, states, like four, but four times at a time, are not the same as four at once.

On the other hand, in four states online was still allowed, in another ten states work is underway to legalize Online poker USA. In all four legal jurisdictions, only owned by 888poker currently operates. PartyPoker is trying to take its slice of the market. PokerStars is also returning, being in 2011 one of the four poker giants heavily affected by the Federal Services.

Other US Features

Next, we briefly list the main differences and aspects that should be expected in online poker in the USA in 2019.

The main advantages of poker clubs in this country include:

  • Extremely weak field of players. Local players in the US rooms are not poor people, and most of them play poker for the sake of interest and new emotions, and at a level far from professional;
  • A large number of opponents;
  • Generous deposits and loyalty program;
  • The right time. Despite the difference in time zones, you will be satisfied with traffic regardless of time.

Negative sides:

  • A limited selection of means of payment, but most rooms support international services: Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller + withdrawals are made within 2-3 days;
  • State features – not all American operators are interested in attracting foreign poker clients to their online poker USA.


The global trends in online poker are leading to greater globalization. The countries of Europe are united in Europul, they let anyone in the Asian rooms, and the homeland of poker remains in great difficulty in the field of USA online poker.

Even if all states issue licenses to online poker operators, this will not affect the quality of the game itself, because it will remain small and parochial. Will there be global changes at the federal level Online poker USA? – No one knows. Let’s hope that global poker will be fully legalized in its homeland someday.


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