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Live roulette online does not differ substantially from traditional online roulette games. It is exactly the same but thanks to the latest technologies that are used, the ball can be rolled live and the outcome is projected into the software, which allows determining the wins and losses. When it comes to live roulette game, free modes can also be found as it substantially helps to get the taste of different roulette types and fell how different house edges and odds affect the game.

Play live roulette Australia and the odds of winning

Live roulette in Australia is very popular among players from all over the globe hence any casino of a decent size offers the services to its clients. Players can find any of three major roulette types with the live dealer, which have different odds of winning due to its different table and wheels layouts as well as the odds:

  1. French roulette has 49.28% chances of winning;
  2. European roulette has 48.65% chances of winning;
  3. American roulette has 47.37% chances of winning.

The most commonly played live roulette in Australia is European roulette. It is characterized by the simplest rules and the absence of any complexities with the wheel and table layouts. Live roulette tables online can fully be enjoyed by knowing the rules, odds, and payouts.

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Rules, numbers, odds and payouts in liver roulette

Just like in traditional roulette, in live roulette, players will have to make their bets by placing on a certain combination of numbers, single number or chances before the dealer start to spin the wheel. The majority of beginners prefer to bet on chances as it is simpler and allows using basic strategies with ease. However, it is not long when people start to play on the combination of numbers by covering them on the table. The list below represents the payouts and odds for all possible combinations that are played in European roulette:

  • Single number has the payout of 35-1 and the odds of 2.70%;
  • Two numbers have the payout of 17-1 and the odds of 5.4%;
  • Three numbers have the payout of 11-1 and the odds of 8.1%;
  • Four numbers have the payout of 8-1 and the odds of 10.8%;
  • Five numbers have the payout of 6-1 and the odds of 13.5%;
  • Six numbers have the payout of 5-1 and the odds of 16.2%;
  • Column has the payout of 2-1 and the odds of 32.40%;
  • Dozen has the payout of 2-1 and the odds of 32.40%;
  • Red/black has the payout of 1-1 and the odds of 48.60%;
  • Even/dozen has the payout of 1-1 and the odds of 48.60%;
  • Low/high has the payout of 1-1 and the odds of 48.60%.

The odds of winning in American roulette is lower, whereas in French a little bit higher. These two roulette types are found more rarely. American roulette has an additional slot for 00 and in French live roulette, there is the rule of La Partage, which basically means that if the ball ends up in the 0 slot, these who play on chances, those bets are split in half.


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